Wrong Perception

Wake The Hell Up!

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

We are just getting used to the idea that we have to live with the Chinese released virus. You can read more about the pandemic beginnings here. But, unfortunately, our retarded governments have bent on the vaccine manufacturers in panic and purchased more vaccines than needed. To use all the vaccines, they are coming up with ridiculous and dangerous ideas. By now, we all know what is happening around the world. Officials are fooling the people to think wrong and proceed with peer pressure vaccinations.

It is all wrong. Misconception over the vaccines is as big as using the masks in public spaces. People think that wearing a mask protects them but complain when they see someone without one — total contradiction. The masks are there to slow down the possible virus particles, making it harder to infect others around us. Understanding this would allow you to think that you can complain about people not wearing one. Not the other way around.

Much more dangerous are the messages sent by our governments today. In some countries, they have locked unvaccinated people down already. They are making people believe that it is the right way to go, that vaccinated people are safe to go out and unvaccinated are not. What a load of bullshit! Going by this logic, not vaccinated people are dangerous for the community and vaccinated people are safe and live happy forever. They couldn’t be more wrong.

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