OnlyFans, Payment Processors and Making money online

Fall of OnlyFans

In the middle of August 2012, the Only Fans platform has announced changes in its business model. Unless you live under the rock, you know very well that they will ban explicit videos on their platform. It will lead to the demise of this popular platform.
Many single mothers, students, etc., are making a living out of it. However, it is their business to who they are showing their beavers.
There is a mutual agreement and dedicated platform to do so. So, where is the problem? There is no problem at all in my view. It is the 21st century, and we are more than capable of controlling ourselves. Platforms we are using today are regulated deep enough to decide what is on and whatnot. But, unfortunately, they are so insane in keeping the content in line with their policies; they drive everyone who tries something new crazy by forbidding them to post or upload your content. Freedom of speech is non-existent anymore. Now, if that’s not enough, dirty payment processors are stepping in. They are ruining a legitimate business, not before but after it became a staple in so many peoples lives.