How to get Elementor Pro for free

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2020 was shit. Apologies for lingo but this was the nicest way to describe 2020 I could possibly come up with.

To make 2021 way better, we have gone ahead and offer a fantastic deal for our dear members. All WordPress installations in 2021 with SlaterPress will come with Elementor Pro installed.

Elementor is probably the most popular page builder on WordPress today. It offers fantastic abilities and makes building a page a breeze. It is so easy to use, you can not fail with it. It is supported by hundreds of template and customisation plugins, giving you the power to build whatever you desire.

Although the free version of Elementor is more than enough for a simple website or blog, Elementor Pro is a real game-changer. It opens up all the possibilities you may ever need and will make your website look beautiful and silky smooth.

You can get Elementor Pro starting from a little less than fifty bucks a year for one site or you can simply join Slater Cloud and get your WordPress website hosted with SlaterPress. You will get a free domain, free SSL Certification, WordPress with the best theme on earth installed with Elementor Pro already there waiting for you with a bunch of other Elementor tools and templates to give you a good head start.

SlaterPress – Smart WordPress Hosting