Facebook Sucks, We Are The Victims

We Are Not Evil, Zuckerberg Is

Politics is a rake of horseshit for average folk like you and me. It’s like a circus run by clowns taking turns at the show. Once the clowns on the left are on stage, and right and centre clowns are in opposition. Once clowns from the left rob as much as they can, another party comes on the scene.
The trick is to come up with something that most of the old generation of the community vote for them again to keep robbing for the next few years. Then the opposition comes to play, and so on.
Masses can only vote for the clowns there already, and whoever they vote for will steal from them one way or another, screwing them up in the process.
We just need to accept that it is there and roll with it as we cannot do much about that. It’s called the system.
Politicians are using all sorts of tools to promote their sales pitches. One of them is Facebook. This evil organisation is worst than the Chinese virus… READ MORE